Lilith - Toby Tate 3.5 Stars
Toby Tate is an author that is new to me. As a member of the Darkfuse Kindle Club a new book shows up in my in-box every month,(love it!), and this was the book for January.

The adventure starts on-board a fancy new nuclear powered aircraft carrier: The Ford. A group of people has been given access to the ship and her crew to learn more about her and the ship's operations. One of these people is not what she seems.

I'm only a little familiar with the mythology and legends surrounding Lilith. This book adds its own spin,(not to mention radiation!),to the mix. I found this to be an interesting combination that held my attention.

There were a lot of people to keep track of in this story. All kinds of officers and seamen, not to mention CIA and other people from agencies that have lots of letters. It came to a point where I stopped trying to keep track of all the seamen and what their jobs were, and focused on Lilith.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I could have used maybe a few less people and more about Lilith, but the story did work for me. The imagination of the author was working overtime on this one, and I found that to be fun and interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what else Mr. Tate has to offer.

Disclosure: I won the Darkfuse Kindle Club subscription that I mentioned above, at an online Meet the Author event.