Frayed by Tom Piccirilli

Frayed - Tom Piccirilli

"Are you the one who helped him kill the angel?"

This was a fantastic novella by Tom Piccirilli.

Meet two men- Gray and Eddie. Both are authors of horror and dark fiction. Both share a secret about their past. But only one is in the "bin". That would be the loony bin, as Eddie refers to it. What put Gray into such a place? You will have to read this novella to find out.

This story took some crazy turns and the reader is never quite sure what is reality and what is not. (After all, my reality may not be the same as yours, right?) As other characters are introduced throughout the story, the reader is still trying to figure out what is what. Little tidbits are dangled-such as the question which I used as the title of this review. As the pieces start coming together, the reader is compelled to read on.

Frayed was skillfully written-philosophical at times, bluntly realistic at others, this was an impressive story. Highly recommended!