The Wicked by James Newman

The Wicked - James Newman


4.5 stars!


This story is an homage to the great horror boom of the 80's-including the deliberately aged looking cover. I still have paperbacks from that time period on my shelves and they look exactly like this one. Now let's face it, some of the 80's horror was flat out terrible. At the same time one could also say that some of the best horror EVER came out during that decade. If this story had come out back then, I would have included it in the best ever category.

I'm not going to go into the plot much. The Little family, having some trouble coping after an horrific event which took place in New York city, decide to leave the big city and set themselves up in a small town in North Carolina to be close to the wife's brother. Then, in typical 80's fashion, people begin to die.

Enter in a school for children which mysteriously burned to the ground, killing many of the kids. Enter in an ancient demon named Moloch. Enter in mysterious persons walking around naked in the middle of the night. Enter in churches that have always been open that are now locked. Enter in mysterious flying stinging things with heads that look like...?? The setting has been clearly drawn and the atmosphere is positively dripping with creepiness.

I know all of this sounds kind of cheesy, and I admit it, it is just a little bit cheesy. But Mr. Newman takes the cheesiness of the 80's, wraps it up in a little bit of 2007 awesomeness, sprinkles in some writing chops and cooks it up with some crazy imagination skills and... voila! You have the excellent result of The Wicked in your hands. Don't let it get away! Highly recommended!