The Walls of the Castle

The Walls of the Castle - Tom Piccirilli This was a dark story of grief, guilt, loss and redemption.

The feelings of sadness, pain and grief so strongly permeated this novella that I couldn't help but feel all of it right along with our protagonist, Kasteel.

Kasteel is grieving for the loss of his son. He is grieving so much he cannot bring himself to leave the Castle,a huge sprawling hospital complex where his son was being treated. The Castle has been there for centuries and has seen its share of death and loss.

Ultimately, this story became something more than the sum of its parts. Will Kasteel ever be able to fully leave the castle? Can he ever cast off the pall of grief that hangs over him every single minute of every day? Can he or will he ever be redeemed?

You will need to read this to find out. Make sure you leave enough time to finish it because it's very hard to tear yourself away from this compelling story. Highest recommendation!