Best New Vampire Tales

Best New Vampire Tales (Vol 1) - Matt Hults;John Everson


3.5 Stars!

This was a decent short story collection. All vampire themed stories, some much better than others. The standouts for me were as follows:

Through the Valley of Death by Matt Hults. I believe I read this story in a collection of Mr. Hult's works. Nevertheless, I was happy to read it again and I liked it just as much as I did the first time.

A Sunset So Glorious by Rycke Foreman. I liked the originality of this story of vampire and djinn.

The Verbpire by Frederick Obermeyer. At first the idea seemed pretty silly, but by the end of the story, I thought it was awesome.

Morning Sickness by William Meikle. Just plain awesome. (This was my first experience with this author, it won't be my last.

Preserver by Tim Waggoner. A unique look at what else a vampire can suck away from you.

The Sabbatarian by David M. Fitzpatrick. I thought that not only was this a good story, it was kind of funny too.

Moving Lines by Steve Vernon. Having a gypsy read the palm of a vampire is probably not going to turn out well.

A total of 18 stories, with 7 standouts (for me), leaves me with a 3.5 rating. Because the stories that stood out REALLY stood out, I rounded it up to 4 stars.