Sow by Tim Curran

Sow - Tim Curran


4.5 stars!

This book put me off of bacon. Forever. I will never again enjoy a pork chop or a pulled pork sandwich. OK, I may be exaggerating a little bit. But seriously? I won't be eating any pork at all for a while.

A previously happy couple have their lives turned upside down. However, the pregnant wife (Holly) is not privy to any of it. How could that be? You will have to read this to find out.

Tim Curran, once again, showcases his talents for description. Especially his descriptions of loathsome and revolting things. Some of the scenes in this book necessitate the use of brain bleach. Since such a thing does not exist, expect these scenes to live on in all their nastiness in said brain, for a long time to come.

Once again, the Darkfuse Kindle Club delivers. The novellas released by this publisher have time and again impressed the hell out of me. Most especially those by Tim Curran, such as Fear Me and Puppet Graveyard. Mr. Curran has fast become one of my favorite authors and Darkfuse one of my favorite publishers. I know when I receive my novel and novella every month that they will be top notch reads. I don't have to wade through reviews or ask my friends because I KNOW they will be good.

As far as SOW goes, if disgusting descriptions make you laugh or wince, but you still continue reading anyway? SOW is for you. Buy it now! (But eat some bacon before you start reading, because AFTER reading, you may not be eating bacon again for a long, long time.)