Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad

Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! - Weldon Burge, Charles Colyott, Michael Bailey, Adrienne Jones, J. Gregory Smith, Michael Louis Calvillo, Jezzy Wolfe, Jonathan Templar, P.I. Barrington, Elliott Capon, Rob M. Miller, Graham Masterson, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Michael Laimo, L.L. Soares, Armand Rosa


This collection contains 20 stories, and I very much enjoyed 12 of them. All of them referenced some kind of body surgery, decoration or modification.

These were the stories that stood out for me:

Bootstrap-The Binds of Lasolastica by Michael Bailey. 4*
This made me think of rebooting differently.

Idol by Michael Laimo. 4* It would be nice to have some spare body parts around in case I needed them.

Comfort by Charles Colycott. All my notes say is "freaky"!

Unplugged by Adrienne Jones. 4* A leave of absence from work leads to a strange discovery.

You With Me by Christopher Nadeau. 4* This one reminded me of an old Stephen King collection cover from the 80's.

The Shaping by Scott Nicholson. 5* This one kicks ass! Competition in school can be tough.

By Hook by Elliot Capon. 5* My note just says AWESOME!

Sawbones by L.L. Soares. 5* Body modifications never thought of!

Whirling Machine Man by Aaron French. 4* Crazy!

Sex Object by Graham Masterton. 4* Anyone who has read any Graham Masterton would not be shocked by this story.

Hearing Mildred by Weldon Burge. 5*. This was my favorite story of this collection. An odd tale of what must be the worst haunting EVER. Plus, it's hilarious!

I am going to check out other works by some of these authors, most especially Mr. Burge.