Help! Wanted: Tales of On-The-Job Terror - Peter Giglio, Stephen Volk, Joe McKinney, Jeff Strand, David Dunwoody, Gary Brandner, Lisa Morton, Vince A. Liaguno, Eric Shapiro, Scott Bradley, Amy Wallace, Craig  Saunders, Marianne Halbert, Henry Snider, David Greske, Gregory L. Norris, Zak Jarvis, Adrian Chamberlin, E This was a good collection of short stories involving the work place. The stand-outs for me were as follows:

Unrest by Stephen Volk-4*. A unique vampire story.
This was my first Stephen Volk story and I will be looking for more.

Another Shift Change by David Dunwoody. A story about why you shouldn't dedicate your entire self to work. 4.5 stars

Face Out by Lisa Morton. 5* Book store employees really love their books. And their books love them.

Carpool by Gregory Norris. The things we will do to gain access to the carpool lane! 4*

The Interview by Adrian Chamberlin. How do you get demons out? 4*

The Tenure Track Lottery by Ellen Herbert. Like Shirley Jackson's "Lottery", sometimes you don't want to win. 4*

Team Player by Patrick Flanagan. What we will do to keep our jobs! 4*

Agnes: A Love Story by David C. Hayes. You won't believe who Agnes is! 4*

Shutdown by Vince A. Liaguno. This was a poem and I'm not big on poetry but I really liked this one. 5*

Accountable by David Greske. "We don't make mistakes" is the company motto. But what happens when someone, inevitably, makes a mistake? 5*

New Orlean's Best Beignets by Vic Kerry. All my notes say is "Flat Out Awesome". 5*

Deadline by Matt Kurtz. Women shouldn't stay late at work alone. 4*

The Vessel by Henry Snider. I don't even know what to say about this one, other than that I loved it. 5*

Playing Blackjack with Mr. Paws. A card game between an employee and a mouse with unusual rewards for the winner. 4*

Must Be Something in the Water by Mar Allan Gunnells. What do you know about the water in your office water cooler? 5*

My favorite story in this collection was authored by Gary Brandner titled: Words, Words, Words! Plagiarism has serious consequences! 5*