Manhattan Grimoire - Sandy DeLuca Disclosure: I received this book free as a prize, from a Meet the Author event hosted by Darkfuse.

Something about Sandy Deluca's writing gets to me. I am not sure exactly what it is, but IT exists. This is a story of a young woman that takes place during a huge blizzard in the city of New York.

I like the way Ms. Deluca writes women. They are deeply flawed creatures, riddled with guilt and they carry the burdens of tough lives. Yet they are stronger than they appear. Stronger than they think they are. They are fascinating. I've read two books now where these females are the protagonists and I loved them both.

The atmosphere of this book is dark and spooky. Old churches in Harlem; old apartment buildings where whole floors are blocked off. Snow is burying the city outside. Can you picture it?
The scene is set.

Throw in an old spirit, psychedelic drugs, visions and nightmares, ancient books and the distortion between reality and ...not reality. The end result is something that will stick with you for a while.

This story is almost surreal at times. If you don't like that type of style, than this one may not be for you. But this story weaved a web around me and it refused to release me until I was done. Loved it!