Daemon of the Dark Wood by Randy Chandler

Daemon of the Dark Wood - Randy Chandler


Imagine you're sitting around watching TV one night and then you hear an inhuman screech. A screech which fills you with dread and empties your bladder at the same time. Welcome to Widow's Ridge!

An interesting mix of mythology, small town secrets and unquenchable lust. Combine the ancient myths of Pan and Dionysus and then plop them down in town and see what happens.

The characters in this story are realistic and likable. You can't help but to feel for them when the action starts going down. (Forgive the pun!)

This story was a bit slow getting started but then just pulls you in as the chaos begins to spread throughout the town. I thought it was exciting and after the beginning, the pace picks up and screams all the way to the end. This was a fun read and I recommend it. Thanks to Mr. Chandler for offering this story for free. You have won yourself a fan!