Carrie - Stephen King I just finished a re-read of this book. It was a bit different than I remembered.
I think I took a lot more away from it this time than I did the first. Perhaps it's in light of the current problems regarding bullying amongst teenagers, or perhaps it's just that more than 20 years have passed since I last read it, and I am viewing it from a different perspective. Whichever it is, I enjoyed revisiting the town of Chamberlain and all its residents.
I also enjoyed (very much) how the story was related. Little bits from the White Commission (the investigatory body formed to discern the truth about what happened in Chamberlain), fake AP news bits, and tidbits from books later written about the Carrie White case.
The only thing I would've have liked would be a little more meat to the story. Not something I would normally say in regards to Mr. King! : )
All in all, I'm very glad I re-read this book.