Flesh & Blood by Graham Masterton

Flesh And Blood - Graham Masterton


I read this book as part of a horror group read at Shelfari.

The story opens with a particularly sad, gory scene and after that the rest of the story seeps in.

I don't like to go into the plot too much in my reviews, but I do need to touch on a couple of points. 1. There are parts of the plot that are a bit fantastic (in the true sense of the word) and not very believable. 2. There were certain parts of the story which focused on Czech mythology. I don't know if they were true or not, but they definitely read as if they were and I enjoyed those portions of the story the most. 3.The sex scenes I felt were unnecessary. They didn't progress the plot at all and the characters involved were already defined without having to throw in those scenes.

Overall I liked the story but felt that the ending didn't really deliver the denouement that I expected. Usually I like when that happens, but in this case it seemed that some confrontations that seemed fated to occur, didn't.

Lastly, I read the Kindle version of this book and it had some issues. There were no space breaks between changes in point of view. It threw me out of the story each and every time it happened. Also there were some formatting problems such as some words beginning with "TH" had the TH changed to 'M". Therefore the word 'that' becomes mat. This was very annoying. I did not count these issues towards my rating, but wanted to mention them as a heads up to future readers.