Tamed by Douglas R. Brown

Tamed - Douglas R.   Brown


This is a story about werewolves as pets.

The premise sounded interesting. Unfortunately the actual story is not.
Where do these werewolves come from? What do you feed them? These questions will be answered. Unfortunately, the answers are not that engaging. I felt that a lot more could have been done to change that.

Most characters were not very interesting or even likable. When two characters met and fell in love within about 5 minutes, I got aggravated. Who does that? The most likable character in the story was the one who got the least amount of attention-Nevets.

That being said, though, I did enjoy the ending. I also liked the fact that there were very few errors/typos throughout the book.

I feel that this book is aimed more towards young adults than full grown horror-loving adults. I consider myself an experienced horror reader and this book doesn't fall into the horror category for me at all. There were several aspects that were horrific, but they were not fully explored. I feel that if they had been, it would've resulted in a much more engaging story.