Dark Doorways

Dark Doorways: The Best of Post Mortem Press - Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee, Jonathan Maberry, F. Paul Wilson, Kenneth W. Cain, Jason Downes, Nancy England, Scott Lange, Thomas Malafarina, Ricky Massengale, Nelson Pyles, Andrew Risch, Patrick Scalisi, Magen Cubed, Matt Ashcraft, T.L. Barrett, C. Bryan Brown, Eric Beebe, P


This was a pretty good short story collection.

It features 20 shorts and one novel excerpt.

My favorite stories within were:

Jonathan Maberry's "Like Part of the Family" 5 stars
A private eye story with a twist.

Matthew Ashcraft's "Gracie"
It's hard when your daughter comes back as a zombie. 4*

Joseph Williams' "Out in the Cold" 5*
What happens when you are convinced your infant nephew is the devil? 5*

Scott Lange's "My Friend, Beer" 4*
Machetes and beer. Nuff said.

F. Paul Wilson's "Soft" 5*
I read this one before, but it was awesome to read it again.

Ricky Massengale's "In the Rain" 4*
A divorced man starting a new life.

T.L. Barrett's "The Reservoir" 5*
Church picnic at the local reservoir.

C. Bryan Brown's "Sewer Rats" 4*
A horror story about creatures in the sewers.

There were a few stories which I did not care for, which is not unusual for me with an anthology of this size. Every story though, has been previously published elsewhere, so you may have come across some of them before.