Loisaida by Marion Stein

Loisaida -- A New York Story - Marion Stein


I finished reading Loisaida -- A New York Story a few weeks back. Even though this book takes place prior to 9/11 I still found myself thinking about 9/11 while reading the story and I'm not sure why.

The characters and the locations seemed to jump out at me fully formed and together they seemed to define what is NY to me, not having ever been there. The different types of people, both good and bad, their styles and personalities; all are conveyed with a true, discerning eye.

I won't go into the plot as there are several other reviews which do, other than to say that I hadn't heard of the real life case involved until I read this story. It is/was a rather horrifying story, to say the least.

After thinking about this story for a few weeks, I still cannot say what it is about it that so deeply touched me. I hope that you will let it touch you, as well.
(This is one of the books that make me wish I were a better reviewer)