A Selection of Meats and Cheeses

A Selection of Meats and Cheeses - Danny Gillan After reading "Scratch", I went searching by anything else from this author and found this one.
Being a fan of the short story 'with a punch' I was pleased by this selection. My favorite was "Stalk and Cheese". I think that "Hah Bumhug" was very funny. "It's not about you" has a slam dunk ending that I was not expecting (I just LOVE when that happens.) "Johnny Walker" almost brought me to tears. The only story I did not quite get was "Going, Going ...still going"-I'm not sure what the author was shooting for.
I found very, very few errors or formatting problems. All in all I was very happy with this book and all the emotions it evoked within me.
This is one author I will be keeping an eye on.