Bleed - Ed Kurtz I read this book with our horror group at Shelfari.

The main character, Walt, buys a fixer-upper house. He has a new job as a teacher and once the house is ready he plans to propose to his girlfriend and has already purchased her a ring. This house is Walt's first step to obtaining the life he really wants. Then he notices a small stain on his ceiling. A stain which, within a few days, starts to spread and drip down. The stain looks like blood.
And so the nightmare begins.

This story was extremely gory and brutal which I didn't mind at first because it seemed integral to the story. I did reach a point, though, where I thought the story was going a bit too far and the body count was still continuing to rise. Also, I don't feel like what happened was adequately explained-and sometimes I'm ok with that and happy to come up with my own ideas. In this case, however, I felt a bit like I was left hanging.

This was a decent read. It kept me engaged and the pacing was fast; the book went by in no time. It did have some portions that were just not believable. If you are willing to suspend pretty much all of your disbelief, this is a good read. If you can't, or if you need all the loose ends tied up, this may not be the book for you.