City Under the Moon - Hugh Sterbakov This book was a blast!
To be honest I wasn't expecting that much, because let's face it,a lot of werewolf stories are cheesy. This one wasn't.
It had a unique plot that was mostly plausible, but what really pulled me in were the excellent characters, the fast pace and the humor. I came to care a lot about the characters, one of which was a sociopath, so that's saying a lot. The humor was honest and laugh out loud funny at times. I read in the author's bio that he writes for Robot Chicken. I can see why. He's hilarious.
I'm hoping that the author's working on something new with these characters because I don't feel like letting them go yet. Highly recommended!
Edited to add: I was just looking at the author's page here and there is a blurb which looks like the story of Lon will continue in December 2013. I can't wait!
Edited again to add some of my favorite quotes:
“I must confess, I do not know.” Jaguar responded with the taint-licking placation of a talk-show sidekick."

"This was no minor stumble. It was an epic poem of elaborate, prolonged humiliation, a passionate love letter to the very fiber of his self-loathing and a mighty, terrible, and oh-so-ominous symphony of piss-poor coordination."