The Underdwelling by Tim Curran

The Underdwelling - Tim Curran

This was an excellent horror novella with Lovecraftian undertones that takes place in a deep, deep mine.

Tim Curran's excellent descriptions add to the creeping unease that slowly builds during the course of this story and doesn't let up.
Here is an example of Mr. Curran's excellent descriptive skills:

"Breed could see eldritch and terrible form given body by the swirling dust. He couldn't be sure how much of it he saw and how much he imagined. It was roughly the size of a man. A semi-visible hunched-over thing, a hazy apparition speckled with dust. It was creeping at them on a dozen spindly legs. He saw reaching arms, an elongated head of undulant tendrils like a nest of writhing, loathsome snakes...and a distorted face: something with clustered pods of eyes".

Tim Curran is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. His descriptive skills are unmatched. I'm looking forward to reading more of his backlist and I'm happy that there are a lot of them!

Recommended for horror fans and especially fans of Lovecraft.