Reign of Blood by Sandy Deluca

Reign of Blood - Sandy DeLuca

This is yet another story by Sandy Deluca that I just loved.

A young woman named Darcy who has an obsession with reading about serial killer couples is the star of this show. Darcy's younger sister, Jane, disappears and Darcy suspects her mother of murdering her. She suspects this because Jane (Jane's ghost?) tells her it is so. What follows is the story of Darcy, rebelling against her mom and everything she knows , by taking off with her boyfriend Bobby.

The rest of the story flies by while the reader is making all kinds of assumptions about what is going on with Darcy, Bobby and their victims. Then, all the assumptions are shot to hell by the denouement.

Once again, Sandy draws a fascinating female protagonist-one the reader shouldn't empathize with, but does anyway. Sandy has a knack for drawing complicated, confused, multi-layered women. She draws me in every time and I am in her grip until the bitter end.

In my opinion, Sandy Deluca is one of the best dark fiction authors of our day. I'm not sure why she isn't getting the recognition that she deserves, because her work is outstanding. If you are a fan of dark fiction, I highly recommend this novella.