Ivy - I. Clayton Reynolds (Isaac LeFevre) 3.5* Rounded up for originality!

I thought the premise of this story was interesting and fun. I have always liked the idea of decorating with plants and I think the idea of an ivy wall inside the house is pretty cool.

**Very Slight Spoilers Ahead**

What happens though, when weird things start happening? What happens when the ivy begins to knock your pictures off of the mantle, and then harm comes to those in the pictures? Where can you go for help when you try to cut the ivy down and it bleeds?

These were some of the questions posed and answered in this book. The story just flew by and seemed even shorter than it actually was.

I liked that the author's style was a bit sparse. There were not a lot of words spent on flowery descriptions, and there wasn't much dialogue. I think it takes a good author to pull that off successfully. However, at times I was wishing for a little bit more human interaction-especially when faced with a couple of pages of solid text.

All in all, I enjoyed this book. I think it shows promise in this author and I would be willing to read more of his work in the future.