Among Prey by Alan Ryker

Among Prey - Alan Ryker


A mentally challenged giant of a boy and his day nurse/caretaker. A build-your-own doll shop worker. A rich family. These are the main characters in this horror/mystery.

As always, Mr. Ryker compels the reader to feel empathy for his characters. The giant boy, Bobby, is off-putting and just well, BIG. He doesn't answer questions or talk at all, but you feel for him anyway.

The doll shop worker, despite being over medicated for her anxiety issues is able to deal with Bobby at his level as he comes in once a week to build a doll. But why is he making dolls with what looks like bruises and cuts on their skin? You will have to read it to find out.

This one wrapped itself around me and wouldn't let me go, much as I imagine Bobby could do with his big self. It was fun, it was mysterious, and it was told in such a way as to hold off the reveal until the very end. Loved it!