A View from the Lake

A View from the Lake - Greg F. Gifune,  T.M. Wright This story had some of the most chilling moments I've ever read.

Kathleen and James own some property next to a lake in the state of Massachusetts. The property consists of their own home as well as a few cabins which they rent out during the summer months. One day, James goes out to the lake and finds the body of a young boy.

After that, things start to go bad. James becomes more and more withdrawn and spends a lot of his time scribbling in a journal which he won't let anyone else see. When he does talk to Kathleen, it's about things she doesn't understand and she's becoming more and more convinced that James is going insane.

Then James disappears. His journal does too. Kathleen is left to try to figure out what happened-from the dead child in the lake, to the whereabouts of James. She seeks out a friend to hear her story and help her figure out what is going on.

As a huge snowstorm begins to blanket the lake and her home, she tries to find answers to her questions. Is insanity contagious? Is there something else going on-something evil hidden in the snow? Something evil hidden in the lake? There is a clue in the title, it's not a view "OF" the lake. It's a view "From" the lake.

The author respects the reader enough to let them draw some of their own conclusions and I like that.

If you enjoy truly chilling, creepy moments in your horror fiction rather than blood and guts,then this is the story for you.