Occupation by Jeff Dawson

Occupation - Jeff  Dawson


3.5 stars!

Two enemy vampire clans (very small clans, I should say) unite together to defeat the Nazis who are cutting into their food supply. The book takes place in Poland, just as the Nazis are rounding up the local population and shipping them out.

The characters were interesting and believable. They grew and developed throughout the story and that kept me interested.

**Slight spoilers**

There were a few interesting twists on the vampire mythos. One involving a survivor of the black plague who then became a vampire-his blood became a nasty little weapon with which he could infect others. Another twist that was not even mentioned was that these vampires had no problems with the sun, whatsoever. The author doesn't explain it or even mention it, but it was a question in my mind as I was reading.

I enjoyed the planning sessions the vampires had together-working out how they were going to defeat the Nazis. Since these clans were enemies and joined together only to protect their food supply, many of their meetings were chiefly tied up with insulting or fighting with each other, until they came up with a better way to unite the clans.

I liked the premise of the story and I do think the author pulled it off and rather well, at that. This one rates a 3.5 with me and I do plan on reading the sequel.