Wet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening Room

Wet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening Room - D.C. Bourone 1.6.13-Edited this review to add a quote and an appeal to the author below.
Read 1.3.13
This is a science fiction short story that was recommended to me by another reader whose tastes I trust. She didn't let me down.

This story partly addresses the question that has long plagued science-what happens when an artificial intelligence becomes sentient? Will even the best laid plans be able to protect humanity? You will have to read this to find out.

The language in this story is hard to describe. The author states that he writes for sound. So I tried reading it out loud. There is a cadence to his writing that I don't know how to explain. There is a rhythm to the words-a feel. Whatever the correct label is-all I know is that I liked it.

This is chapter 1 of the story. The author's other book Injured Reserves contains 3 more chapters of this story. (I don't believe Injured Reserves still contains 3 more chapters of Wet and Dry now.) Since I already purchased Injured Reserves based on my friend's recommendation, I went right to that and continued reading this story to find out what happened. Even in this short chapter, the author created enough interest within me to want to continue reading.

Consider this quote:
"Some butchers need their victims to see the ax, falling. Some butchers need to squat in the spray, faces tilted up and mouths open..."
Don't you want to find out more about these butchers and what they're doing?

Edited to add : I noticed that the author posted that there will be no ending to this story. After reading the next 3 chapters of this story, I am convinced that I need to know more. I appeal to you, Mr. Bourone, please consider finishing this story. I think it would be unfair to just leave your characters and your readers hanging. Don't you want to find out what happens to Michael, his father and Sarah? I know I do.

Every once in a while you come across an author that just blows you away. This is one of them. It's rare to discover someone who can not only tell a good story, but utilizes the language to the fullest to do so. Highly recommended.