The House by Roderick Blunt

The House - Roderick Van Brunt


I attempted to read this book with my horror group on Shelfari. I just could not make it through. The premise intrigued me and it looked like it could be a fun,scary read. It also has lots of wonderful reviews, which I'm having trouble understanding.

The dialogue is what is making me put this book down after reading a little over 30%. I don't understand how anyone could be comfortable reading dialogue that goes something like this (this is NOT an excerpt, just some paraphrasing by myself to make my point):

"William, how are you today?"
"I am fine, Roger, how are you?"
"William, I am good, thank you for asking". "Roger, what are you doing today?"

Throw in a some unnecessary exclamation points and a couple of misplaced apostrophes and you have a book that I'm no longer interested in reading. I'm not sure why this isn't mentioned in other reviews, but maybe this type of dialogue didn't bother the other readers? I don't know. All I know is that this book is not for me.