Virginia Creeper - Blaine Lee Pardoe I don't understand all of the raving reviews for this book.
I am a serious horror fan and though I enjoyed this story, I don't think it was all that.

The story opens at the scene of an horrific murder. There are these creeper vines everywhere as well as triangles made out of sticks. (Does that sound familiar?)

So begins this so-so story. The investigation of the murder continues and the author of the book (who prefers to be called Buck)participates somewhat in the investigation. I didn't find that to be believable at all.

There are a couple of events that I did find disturbing, imaginative and fascinating. Then they happened again. And again. And again. Also, the author is a bit verbose. As a character in the book, he lets us in to his thoughts. Unfortunately, his thoughts weren't that interesting.

In reading the reviews I see that hardly anyone is mentioning the misuse of the apostrophe or the redundant misspelling of words. I'm positive that the alter should have been altar-thing's like that. (Note that misused apostrophe!) After a while, these things got on my nerves.

All in all, despite the misspelled or misused words and the author's verbosity, I did enjoy the story. It was not completely original or unique, but it did have some high points that I enjoyed. I just think it could have been a lot better.