The Hunter from the Woods

The Hunter from the Woods - Robert R. McCammon This is a collection of stories about Michael Gallatin, the protagonist from The Wolf's Hour. This gem fills in some of the holes in Gallatin's life.

I knew this book would be coming out, so a few months ago I re-read The Wolf's Hour to again familiarize myself with the star, Michael Gallatin. It's not every day that one reads a book about a werewolf/spy in WWII, but I originally read it over 20 years ago. I enjoyed the second read as much as the first and this time, I had the added excitement of finally learning more about Mr. Gallatin. Mr. McCammon did not disappoint.

There are a few shorts and a novella or two within The Hunter from the Woods. All of which combine to fill in a lot of the holes in Michael's life. We learn of his true love and her fate back in Nazi Germany. We learn of some of his escapades after his pack broke up. We learn how Michael feels as he gets old. There are a few other things we learn as well. Things that cannot be mentioned here. But some of these things indicate that there still are a lot of questions surrounding Michael that need to be answered. Maybe we will get them at some point in the future? Perhaps Mr. McCammon could open up his soul cage one more time? I can only hope.