Fluffs - Daniel I. Russell I was between horror group reads and looking for a short story to cleanse my palate. I found this one in my Short Story TBR and went with it.
It's hard to do a proper review for a short story without ruining everything. Plus if I try to describe it, it would sound silly. Suffice it to say, I just LOVED the imagination used to create this scary/gory short. I completely disagree with one of the other reviewers who saw nothing of Stephen King's early work in this story. This story was a bit gorier than King would get back in the day, but the imagination, creativity and writing chops are all there. We have the unreliable narrator and a sense of WTH is going on...is it real? Is this guy just insane? Is he drug addled?
You'll have to read it and see what you think.
I think it paid off for the author to offer this short for free because I'm excited to have found a new author and will gladly pay some money to see what else he has to offer.
If you like a short story with a punch and have an open enough mind to suspend your disbelief, you will have a great time with this story.