The Loon

The Loon - Michaelbrent Collings I read this book as part of our horror reading group.
This was our second group read of a book by Michaelbrent Collings.
The prologue of this story just sucks the reader right in and set the tone right from the start. This was an extremely fast paced story-the chapters at some points are only a page or a paragraph long.
The protagonist is the head psychiatrist for the Crane Institute which is a hospital/prison for the criminally insane. This Institute houses killers that are known world wide as psychos and as such, is a dangerous place to work.
The Institute is privately owned by Dr. Crane, otherwise known (in his own mind and in those of his employees ) as God. He pays well but rules with an iron fist.
And so the stage is set, it's nighttime and a dangerous storm is set to hit the grounds of the Institution. Will the guards, prisoners, and doctors survive the night? Read it and see.
It's hard to go into very much detail on this without spoilers, but I felt that a lot of the characters were not developed enough to form a clear picture of them in my mind. A few of the guards I just had pictured as Big and Bigger. There wasn't a lot of other information about them. Perhaps this was on purpose considering the course of the story-but I can't pursue that thought without spoiling anything.
There were a couple of characters that I could identify with and care about, which is why I continued reading. I had to see what would happen to them!
All in all, I think it was a good read if you're in the mood for something rather quick, imaginative and fun, without any deep meaning or morals to be learned.