Endurance: A Novel of Terror

Endurance: A Novel of Terror - Jack Kilborn,  J.A. Konrath


I read this book as part of a horror group read at Shelfari. I finished it back on July 5, but wanted to think on it a little bit before posting a review.

While I found this book to be a fun, fast paced read, I did find it to be a bit cliche. The hillbilly family 'thing' has been done and though this novel had a few original twists on that theme, I couldn't help still thinking about those cliches.
What I did like were the characters. They saved the day. Most especially Eleanor Roosevelt, the charming proprietress of the inn.
Many other reviews go into the plot, so I will just leave it at that and say that if you're looking for a fun thriller that doesn't tax the brain too much, (AND you like mutant redneck, hillbilly fun), this book could be the one for you.