Heretics by Greg Gifune

Heretics - Greg F. Gifune

This was an excellent tale!

There was a line in the story about the sea smelling like work and not like play. That's how it was in the small town of Virtue, MA. If you've ever been to a working fisherman's town like Gloucester, MA,  you know what it smells like.

Harry returns to town after a long absence and he is not exactly welcomed home. Since 'it' happened he hasn't been back and he doesn't want to be there now. Just a short visit to see if he can set things right. But as so often happens, he can't.

I enjoyed how the story was told...a kind of back and forth between the past and the present finally culminating and leaving you... just stunned. The characters were fascinating as well and I would have loved this to be a full novel because I wanted to learn more about them. I think Madeline (never call me Maddy), Harry and Rip will be running around in my head for a little while.


Highly recommended!


(I originally reviewed this novella in June of 2012. I'm still in the process of moving over all of my reviews.)