Attic Toys

Attic Toys - Jeremy C. Shipp,  Joe McKinney,  S.S. Michaels,  Cate Gardner,  Piers Anthony,  David Raffin,  Aric Sundquist,  Lisa Morton,  Amelia Mangan,  Phil Hickes,  Gary McMahon,  Jeff Strand,  Nancy Rosenberg England,  Emily C. Skaftun,  Melanie Mascio,  Craig Wallwork,  Dorian I picked this collection up during a free promotion on Amazon.
I was drawn to it mostly because of Jeff Strand who is one of the authors featured within. I think this collection is a step above most others due to the quality of the authors involved.
My favorite stories were:
Jeff Strand's "Inside the Boxes". The ten in one box of fun!

Emily Skaftun's "Down in the Woods Today". Watch out for those teddy bears!

Kate Jonez-"Poor me and Ted". Man aboard a train with bad thoughts.

Joe McKinney's "A Little Crimson Stain". Totally freaky!

Cate Gardner's "Dreams of a Ragged Doll". I love creepy doll stories.

Lisa Morton's "When Harry Killed Sally". This story ROCKED!

Jeremy Shipp's "Googly". Watch out for the horns.

Dorian Dawes' "A Brightly-Colored Box Filled with Stars". This was a poignant tale and it was quite different from the other stories in this collection. LOVED it.

All in all, I thought this was a very good collection!