Husk by Matt Hults

Husk - Matt Hults,  James Roy Daley


I read this as part of our Horror Readers group at Shelfari.

I previously read a short story collection by the same author which I enjoyed very much.

This is the story of a dead serial killer who is somehow killing again. What makes this story different and interesting is the abilities of this killer.
The book begins with the death of the above mentioned serial-murderer. Then it fast forwards a few years where we find out that the killer actually didn't really die until just a few weeks prior. From there the story branches out with a nice selection of characters that were developed well, for the most part. A lot of them were teenagers and their characters were ok, but my favorites were Frank, the police detective forced to retire because his beliefs wandered out of the realm of reality; Melissa, the modern day detective who slowly comes around to believe what Frank is telling her and Tim, a teenaged boy who morphs into a man during the course of this novel.

The story was very fast paced and whipped right by and before I knew it, it was over. All in all, I enjoyed this read and I look forward to reading more by Mr. Hults.