Charles Manson

Charles Manson - Ian  Fraser I just finished another novel and wanted something to cleanse my palate before starting my next read. I looked at my collection of shorts and came across this one that the author offered for free back in April. I've always had a slight fascination with Charles Manson, ever since I read Helter Skelter in my teens so I decided to read this short play.
It's a one person show, the person being Manson. The author speaks a bit at the beginning about what he was trying to accomplish, and I think he achieved it. If you've ever seen film of Manson speak you know he has a certain charisma that seems to hypnotize people at times. I think the author got that across in this play. With my imagination and the lighting directions in the script, I gave myself the creeps. I'm glad this guy is still locked up. And I'm glad that I was able to read this story for free. Thank you, Mr. Fraser.