Puppet Graveyard by Tim Curran

Puppet Graveyard - Tim Curran


This novella ROCKED!

I've always had a slight fear of dolls, puppets and the ever scary ventriloquist dummies. Ever since I saw the movie Magic as a kid these dummies creep me out. This novella featured the creepiest dummy EVER!

The story starts with a young woman named Kitty who is thinking about her sister who disappeared shortly after joining on with a ventriloquism act. Kitty wants to find out what happened because her sister would never just take off like that without at least a phone call. She tracks down the ventriloquist and gets a job where he works so she can be close and keep an eye on them. She begins to notice that the dummy (Piggy)seems almost to have a life of its own. From there on, reality goes off its rails.

I really enjoyed how this author worked in the stories of several different people to give a full view of Piggy's activities over the years. The way it was done was awesome and it helped to build the tension as more and more was discovered about Piggy and his handler's, (Ronny's),history. I also enjoyed the pacing of the story-I HAD to find out what happened. There are some very graphic, messed up scenes, so this one is not for the faint of heart.

One last word of warning-don't expect to sleep soundly after you're done.