The Rain Dancers by Greg Gifune

The Rain Dancers - Greg F. Gifune


It's dark outside. The rain is pouring down. There's a stranger at the door, claiming to be an old friend of the family. The couple at the house doesn't remember the man, but invites him in anyway, to be polite. And so, The Rain Dancers begins.

This novella is a masterpiece of building unease and tension. Who is this stranger? What does he want? Why is he touching the man's  wife in that familiar manner? More importantly, why is his wife not bothered by this?

From there the story just explodes. In the darkness and the rain, the truth is revealed. In the darkness and the rain, he dances.Treat yourself to a nightmarish story with a poignance that is not often found in dark fiction. It is a story you will not soon forget. Mr. Gifune guarantees that. Highly Recommended!