Penny Dreadnought: Uncommitted Crimes

Penny Dreadnought: Uncommitted Crimes - James Everington,  Aaron Polson,  Iain Rowan,  Alan Ryker I received this issue free from Mr. Everington. Thank you!

That being said, every issue of this magazine is good. I can't remember another series ever being this consistent. Each issue has a theme, and this time it's uncommitted crimes. I find it difficult to review short stories, but I'll try:

Occupational Hazard by Iain Rowan-Don't want to go to work any more? Want an excuse for a few months off? The protagonist can help you make it happen!
The Aerialist by Alan Ryker-This story leaves you hanging. Literally.

Pakob's Reward by James Everington-One really has to focus to get away with a crime. There is something that happens when Mr. Everington writes about people on trains. Loved it!

Poe's Blender- by Aaron Polson. Never play your opera music loudly in the morning. You just don't know how your neighbors may retaliate. I LOVED this one too-it was deliciously gruesome.