Anything Can Be Dangerous

Anything Can Be Dangerous - Matt Hults,  James Roy Daley


Anything Can Be Dangerous was, all in all, a fun read.
It contains 4 short stories and a few previews.
I enjoyed the shorts as follows:

<b> Anything Can Be Dangerous </b> -3*
This one reminded me of early King shorts. Does anyone remember The Mangler about an ironing machine gone wild? Well this is plastic gone wild.

<b> Feeding Frenzy-3* </b> -Fast food and a fast paced read.
Valley of Death-4*-This story starts off with a stranded family on a deserted road. Into the valley they will go.

<b> The Finger </b>-5* Totally awesome, imaginative and fun!

Altogether this averaged out to 3.75 stars, so 4 it is.
I think this collection served the author as a great way to reel in new readers. It worked for me!