DRACULAS - Blake Crouch,  Jack Kilborn,  Jeff Strand,  F. Paul Wilson This was a rip roaring, funny gore fest!
Draculas was written by four authors: Jeff Strand, Jack Kilborn, F. Paul Wilson and Blake Crouch.
These are anti-sparkle vampires. All they want is blood and they will even suck their own if nothing else is available.
I don't even know what to say about the clown, other than it makes Pennywise look as nice as Bozo. I won't even mention the balloon animals.
This story ends at approximately 50% off the download. There are also 2 short stories and an interview with the authors. Finally, there is a set of emails between the authors at the end, discussing how they put the story together. For whatever reason I found the emails to be fascinating.
I could not tell while reading which author wrote what parts. Everything blended together seamlessly. All in all this was a gory horror story with some extremely funny scenes and I enjoyed the hell out of it.