Penny Dreadnought: The Lone and Level Sands

Penny Dreadnought: The Lone and Level Sands - James Everington,  Aaron Polson,  Iain Rowan,  Alan Ryker This is the 3rd issue of Penny Dreadnought and it is my favorite so far. This issue revolves around an apocalyptic theme and as usual there are four stories.
The first: Precious Metal by Aaron Polson was interesting and poignant. 4*
The second: Only the Lonely by Iain Rowan was strange. I think it could easily have been in the ambiguous issue. I LOVED it. 5*
The third: The New Words by Alan Ryker was excellent. Imagine if words had a revolt against people, what would it look like? 5*
The last story: He by James Everington was quite original. It had me thinking for days after I read it. A tribal story at the first, populated by hes and shes, but then it becomes something else. It was unique, deep and ultimately hopeful. 5*