Twice as Dark

Twice as Dark - Glen Krisch,  Kealan Patrick Burke I was so impressed with this book (two, really) I scarcely know where to begin. I picked it up for free. So first, I thank the author.
This book contains two complete novels in one, beginning with Where Darkness Dwells.
As much takes place Underground as does above. Yes, that Underground. But also a different underground entirely. An underground where even death fears to tread, for nothing dies there. The writing style is this author's alone but his way of bringing the reader into the story is reminiscent of some of my favorite authors. This story in particular brings the essence of Robert McCammon's Boy's Life to my mind. Possibly because of the old isolated lady, or the young boy trying to find his way, or maybe because of the unidentified lake monster. In no way is this derivative of McCammon's story, but these same elements are presented in an entirely original, unflinching way. This story contains all of the beauty and the ugliness of small town life and people. Actually, there is hell of a lot of extra ugliness in this small town. Do you dare go underground?
The second story is The Nightmare Within
What a premise! Imagine a guy who can pull your dreams(both good and bad) right out of your head. Then he can put them in a museum and you can watch them walk around. Pretty weird and kind of fascinating, right? But what happens when one of those walking nightmares doesn't want to be a dream anymore? Enter Mr. Freakshow. That's right, Mr. Freakshow. A big, bad, blue skinned Freak. (This one strummed my Clive Barker nerve). How can a young boy on the cusp of manhood face down a monster like that? You have to read it to find out!
I would recommend this book to any fans of dark fiction or horror.