Burden Kansas by Alan Ryker

Burden Kansas - Alan Ryker

I thought I would re-post my review of Burden Kansas since it's on sale today in the U.S. for only $2.99 here: Burden Kansas. This was my book by Alan Ryker and it turned me into a big fan. (Plus, look at that badass cover!)


This is a very different kind of vampire book.  These are not your father's vampires; these vamps are fast, insane and for the most part, stupid.

Keith is a relatively new widower who is still grieving. He is also a very angry guy-he is alienating everyone else in his life. Keith's brother and niece are trying to keep an eye on him, but his drinking and his temper are getting out of control. Keith is trying to keep his cattle ranch going - but now something is attacking the cattle.

It's hard to go much further without any spoilers so I will just say I thought it was excellent and I've immediately begun the second book/novella in the series.