Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke

KIN - Kealan Patrick Burke


I'm a fan of Kealan Patrick Burke. I'm slowly catching up on everything he has available. I was excited to see he had a new novel out, KIN. 


The protagonist of this novel is Claire. Claire survived rape and torture at the hands of a "Deliverance" type family. The story begins with Claire's escape from them, the only one of her group of friends to do so.

From that point on, the story ripples outward to all of the people involved: Claire's friends and family, the antagonist's family, and the families of all those who tried to help her. Never have I seen a novel where the ripple of the violence affected so many...of course most times, this subject is never even mentioned.

This is a harsh novel where no punches are pulled. It is not your typical revenge type story. Do you have the courage to face what Claire faced? Pick up this book and find out!