The Headhunter: A Shorting the Undead Single - Saul Tanpepper In the interests of full disclosure: This book was provided to me free by the author. As the title indicates this is a zombie short, which I enjoyed very much.

The story begins with Bill Hawkins rising as the day ends. It turns out Bill has lost his wife to the Uprising and he is suffering from survivor's guilt. Bill's wife asked him with her dying breath to avenge her death; meaning find and behead the zombie/monster that killed her. Bill wakes up every night and tries to fulfill his vow.
I like the fact that the Uprising is not really explained in full. It is mentioned that it started with zombies coming from the river, but doesn't go into it much further. There are a few other mysteries which I won't get into here in attempt not to spoil anything for future readers.

I began to care for the characters very early on, and that, to me, is always a sign of good writing. There was a particular sentence that summed it up for me:
"In the end, though, they were both guilty of the same things: of trying to justify what they had become, of seeking redemption". It probably is rare to read the words zombie and redemption in the same sentence, but I liked it and I will look forward to