Thirteen Shadows: Ghost Stories - Aaron Polson This is a short story collection featuring ghosts and many variations thereof. I didn't like all of the stories (I never like them ALL) but I did like most of them. The ones I liked the best were:

The Ox-Cart Man: an awesome piece of short fiction.

Special collections: You may want to rethink getting that tattoo!

Junk-Watch out for those old refrigerators!

Little Fingers-Playgrounds can also be dangerous.

Uncle Bobby-Maybe being a sex machine isn't that great?

The Sub-Basement-My favorite story in the collection. Why do people always go down into the basement? Especially when their child says they spoke to Grandpa there, even though Grandpa has been gone for 25 years?

Daddy's Touch-Beetles! Ewww! That's all I'm giving away on this one.

Aunt Tessie's Burden-You won't look at little glass jars the same way ever again.

All in all, I found this to be a great collection. There were very few typos or formatting issues. I'm looking forward to more offerings from this author, both on his own and in future issues of:[b:Introducing Penny Dreadnought, Insidious Indoctrination Engine of the Abominable Gentlemen|13181490|Introducing Penny Dreadnought, Insidious Indoctrination Engine of the Abominable Gentlemen|James Everington||18361770]