American Horror - Maria Alexander, Scott Nicholson, Joe McKinney, Joseph Nassise, Lisa Morton, Kealan Patrick Burke, Simon Wood, Jeremy C. Shipp, Nate Kenyon I loved this short story collection of dark fiction. In all there are 8 stories by some wonderful authors: Kealan Patrick Burke, Simon Wood, and Joe McKinney among others.
My favorite was "Outside" by Kealan Patrick Burke. This was a tale worthy of the X Files or Twilight Zone. Freaky and creepy-just my thing.
My other favorites were: "The Sunseeker" by Simon Wood "Though Thy Lips Be Pale" by Maria Alexander. There is also an introduction by Scott Nicholson regarding the state of horror today. There were a couple of stories that I didn't really care for, but that is not unusual for me when reading an anthology such as this.
All in all, I think this book proves that horror is alive and well. It reminds me of the time when magazines with stories such as this would catch my eye at the bookstore/newstand. They may not be available at the brick and mortar stores anymore, but the ebooks can be found. I am glad that I found this one!