The Walk - Lee Goldberg The Walk is about one man's journey through the destroyed city of LA.

Marty is a tv network executive and not very likeable to boot. The book opens with him cowering underneath his car as the BIG ONE rips through the city. Once the main quake is over, Marty decides he needs to walk home to get to his wife. This story is about that walk.

I don't want to get any further into the plot, but I will say that this book reads like a TV show or miniseries. It is very easy to picture in your mind as the author describes what Marty is experiencing. The main character does develop and grow throughout the story, but in a predictable way. In my opinion, the ending was rather easy to guess, but welcome nonetheless.

At the very end of the Kindle edition there were links to a group of books regarding Inspector Monk from the tv show. Apparently Mr. Goldberg writes these as well. He also has written for the show Diagnosis Murder. Perhaps this explains the author's ability to write so vividly? In any case, this was a good, fun read..but it's not going to blow your mind or change your view of the world.