The Shelter - James Everington I picked up this short novella (deliberately not calling it a novellette, see why in the afterward to this story) because I adored this writer's short story anthology [b:The Other Room|11291303|The Other Room|James Everington||16218746]. I was not disappointed.
I don't like to talk too much about the plot in my reviews (many a book has been spoiled for me because of reviews like that), but I will say that the story line involves 4 children taking a walk to go check out an old air raid shelter. It is reminiscent of Kings "The Body" or "It" in this way. In fact, the author gives nods to those books in his afterword. James Everington, like King, writes about children very well. You do feel as if you are traveling with them as a part of their group. You might wish you weren't as the story progresses.
I like how the story unfolds and reels you in. It also had an ending that was not quite expected, which I always enjoy. I appreciated how this story focused on more old-school type creeping horror, rather than outright blood and gore.
I enjoy and appreciate this author very much and am looking forward to anything else he may offer in the future.