The Bleeding Season by Greg Gifune

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The Bleeding Season - Greg F. Gifune

"After all, Goodness is a state of grace. Evil, is a state of mind".

The above is just one of the quotes from this book that I LOVED. This is my fourth Gifune novel/novella and it will not be my last.

The story is set in a small coastal town in Massachusetts. Alan and his friends are mourning the loss of their friend Bernard who committed suicide by hanging. They are shocked and confused. Then they find the suicide 'note' left by Bernard. And so begins their journey into the dark.

Mr. Gifune tells the story so well, I will leave the rest of the story and plot alone. I will say, the writing in this novel is so good, it's almost lyrical at times. I've read Heretics and The Rain Dancers, (among other things), by this author and in my opinion Mr. Gifune writes very well, especially when it's in reference to people who are damaged (and who isn't?).



One of my favorite quotes addresses this:
"We were all the same, it seemed to me, all of us dented and scratched and damaged, held together with pins and duct tape, the walking wounded making one last stand in the dark before giving in to the inevitable".

With a cast of well developed characters and an engaging story, this one is highly recommended! I can't wait to read more by this author because he is quickly becoming a favorite in my book.